Sunday, June 8, 2014

Anchorage and a Hostel

View of some gorgeous mountains as I flew towards Anchorage.  I don't think I will ever get sick of seeing beautiful snow covered mountains.

First picture is a view from the Anchorage airport.  Second one is walking down the street by my hostel.  I'm sure I looked like a weirdo to the locals.  I would walk, stop, stare, repeat.

Saturday, I walked around downtown Anchorage.  Its a beautiful clean area.  I lucked out with a bright sunny warm day. The photo below is the side of the mall.  I love the whale mural.  I decided to head to a grocery store to check out the availability and cost.  I was surprised by the cost.  Grocery prices are very similar to Chicago prices only without the sales tax.  I expected much higher prices.
This area of Anchorage had several touristy shops, probably not what you would consider local town stuff.  Skateboarders are very prevalent on the streets and parks.  A gang of them skated down the middle of Main Street.  While sitting on a park bench enjoying the view and reading, a Native Alaskan drunk guy decided he needed to talk to me.  Eventually he wandered off to bother others.  One thing I noticed is bike riders bike on the sidewalks, not on the road.  I don't understand why because the roads are wide, pothole free and almost car free.

I want a shelf full of Alaskan mugs.  Check out the fancy way to drink wine outside bugfree.  I want one.

Alaskan Backpackers Inn
Anchorage, AK

After cabbing my way from the airport, I arrived at the hostel.  This is my first stay in a hostel.  I was excited and nervous.  I've read enough online about hostels but wasn't completely sure what to expect.  It was unique, that's for sure.  Honestly, the Inn was exactly what I expected.  Funky.  I loved the hallways and stairwells with the random murals and sayings from former guests.
The front desk staff was helpful.  The kitchen appeared to be stocked with useful appliances and kitchenware.  Rooms were clean.  My only complaint: different sheets on the lower bunk in my room.  The upper bunk had great sheets but the bottom bed had rough prickly sheets.  I wish I could have taken the blackout curtains to my room in Denali.  The hostel was in walking distance to a grocery store and downtown.

Upstairs lounge with library
My room.  A private single but this one was outfitted for a family.
Upstairs hallway
View from my room

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