Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello World

Hello World,

It's time to get this blog kicked off.  The Adventure List is where I hope to change dreams into reality for my pending trip around the world.  Notice I said pending.  No it is not planned yet.  It is not set in stone.  I'm not sure when I will go.  But someday, I will go.  I will travel the world.  I will see sights I've read and dreamed about since I was a kid.  Someday.  I hope someday is in 4 years when my daughter graduates from college.  Until then, I will write here at The Adventure List.

The travel bug is instilled into my daughter as well.  She intends to travel the US for a summer and spend a semester in Italy.  After college, she will join me on our trip around the world.  Fingers crossed.  Megan is also a writer and I hope this blog will be a joint effort.

My goals for The Adventure List:
  • Explore countries through the multitude of travel books I have and websites I find to make a Travel Adventure List.
  • Find ways to save the funds and become a digital earner to sustain our travels.
  • Expand our travel network.
  • Share places we travel.
Welcome to our journey and join us on our adventures.