Monday, January 2, 2012

Sweet Mandy B's - Chicago

Many of my adventures to date revolve around food.  (I should rename this blog a foodie blog versus travel blog but can't they be mixed?  YES) My trip to Chicago in October was no exception.  On a rainy Tuesday, I walked through the beautiful neighborhood of Lincoln Park in quest for cupcakes.  My Chicago friend Christy said Sweet Mandy B's is the best.  The shop is a little bit of a walk from the Brown Line stop but well worth it.  Just look at the above picture to confirm my words. 

I picked up the Lemon and Chocolate with Peanut Butter frosting cupcakes and a Peanut Butter with Chocolate frosting cookie to try.  All were yummy.  These cupcakes were our lunchtime treat.  Our suggestion: try the chocolate cupcake first, then the lemon.  Why?  Because the lemon cupcake is THE BEST!  It has amazing tartness mixed perfectly with sweetness.  Lemon Bliss is what it should be called.

I could have easily walked out of Sweet Mandy B's with one of everything in their shop cases.  Not only do their treats taste delicious, they look spectacular.  The store is every dessert lovers' dream.  It reminds me of cotton candy fluff.  I'd like to work as their official taster.  Think they need that position filled?

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