Saturday, December 7, 2013

Chicago Wine Bars

I love wine.  Can't deny it.  In the slightest way.  I love it.

I would rather have a glass of cheap wine than an expensive martini or craft beer any day. 

So the thought of going to a place that labels itself "a wine bar" makes me swoon.  Unfortunately, I have only made my way to two wine bars in Chicago: Bin 36 and Oenology.

First up: Bin 36
339 N. Dearborn Ave.

I've been here twice. Pictures are from my first experience. My friend Christy accompanied me both times. Our experiences are like night and day. First time, the service was horrible. The second time, it was fantastic. Both times the food and wine was excellent.   During our second visit, we mentioned to the gentleman who brought us our wine flights that our service was going so much better this time.  He continually checked on us and pried information out of us about prior visit.  Little did we know he was the owner.  I highly recommend a visit to Bin 36 if you are in the downtown Chicago area.

Next Up: Oenology
505 N. Michigan Ave.

This wine bar is tucked into a hotel building like Bin 36.  I spent a few hours here killing time and enjoying a great flight of Pinot Gris and a cheese plate.  I feel in love with Pinot Gris on my visit to Portland, Oregon.  While the bartender and I both agreed that my wine flight and cheese plate did not compliment each other, both were fantastic.  I picked them individually based on my taste buds at the moment.  The red wine I ordered as a follow up went perfectly with the Hardliner cheese flight.  Yum.  Try this place.

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