Monday, December 1, 2014

Why I Want to Return to Alaska

I've only been away from Alaska for a month; however, I can't wait to return.  I miss it already.  Why you ask?

Healy, Alaska (October)
Alaska gets in your blood.  I've been hooked since I started researching rural Alaska years ago.  Now that I've been to part of the interior, I really want to go back.  It is hard to describe the state to people who haven't visited.  Pictures don't do it justice.  Alaska is vast.  That is the best word to describe it.  It is freaking large and everything in it is large or appears so.

I did get to see the main reason why I wanted to go in the first place so if I don't get to go back, I'll be satisfied.  However, I want to go back.  There is much more to see.  My main reason to go was to visit Barrow, Alaska and see polar bears in the wild.  Mission accomplished.

Arctic Ocean, Barrow, Alaska (November)
Now I want to see the southern part of the state.  I want to visit the Kenai Peninsula and see Seward, Homer, whales, and the fjords.  Maybe head over to Haines and Skagway and Juneau.  Or maybe the Aleutian Islands.  Or head over to Nome.  Too many places.

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