Monday, November 24, 2014

Sayulita Transportation

Check out below the modes of transportation in Sayulita.  It's kind of an anything goes beach town.

 The typical resort town golf cart is very popular in Sayulita.  There are rental places and some of the hotels rent their own as well as the resident owned golf carts.  There are fancy decked out 4 seaters, 2 seater wagon-looking carts and stripped down "at least I have a cart" versions.

 The four wheeler and motor bike are the most aggressively driven vehicles in town.  They zoom around everywhere.  Watch out.  The drivers will get close to you; however, I was never run down.  When you consider the town roads (cobblestone) and the side roads (shown below), four wheelers make perfect sense.  The dirt road I had to traverse from hostel to town is pot-hole heaven, getting worse with every rainfall.  It is a wonder cars did not break their axles.  Luckily, drivers are cautious when driving down that road.  They go slow and seriously attempt to not splash you.  There is also a consideration given to right of way.  I'm not sure who has the actual right of way but people are generous in waiting.
This picture shows a mild version of this road after it had started to dry up a little. Then we got another rainfall and that puddle went from side to side.  You had to walk on the rock wall or around the other side of that big dirt pile.  The day I was leaving town, workers were filling in the holes with that pile.  Rain season was "officially" over.  I wish I had taken more photos of this crazy road.

See the corner with the tangle of pickup trucks.  It seemed to be the place to park however you felt like.  Every day there was a different configuration of trucks and cars.  Pickups were another popular mode of transportation.  And of course, boats.  Fresh fish and boat tours are commodities in this town as I'm sure they are in every oceanside town.  Thank goodness, the boats were delegated to one end of the main beach.

My choice of transportation:  walking.  Sayulita is a very walkable town.  You can get to everything by walking.

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