Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eating in Portland

I am a huge fan of lists.  Just in case you didn't notice, considering my blog is called The Adventure List.  I enjoy making lists of places I've ate or went to while traveling.  The lists remind me of memories or moments I otherwise may forget.

Places I ate at in Portland:
  1. The Blue Pig Cafe - delicious but closed
  2. Portland City Grill - upscale with a great city view
  3. The Grilled Cheese Grill - food truck
  4. Sizzle Pie - average affordable pizza chain
  5. Thai Noodle Inc. - good food, maybe a chain
  6. Ben & Jerry's
  7. The Sunshine Grill - local, my first Portland corn dog
  8. Hungry Heart Cupcake Truck - food truck, delicious
  9. The Burnside Brewery - local I think, wine and appetizers, may have swiped a beer glass (oops)
  10. Voodoo Donuts - local, fantastic and over-the-top
  11. Pix - local, good dessert but horrible service for an upscale expensive dessert/wine cafe, one of the few places in my adult life I did not want to leave a tip and I'm a server so I know better (I did leave a tip but grudgingly)
  12. Roadrunner Cafe - local, breakfast place
  13. Townshend's Tea - not impressed but by my own fault I tried something new and didn't like it
  14. The Waffle Window - waffles and ice cream, didn't care for the ice cream I choose

Voodoo Donuts
VooDoo Donuts -
Maple Bacon and
Dirty Bastard 
Hungry Heart Cupcake Truck
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon
Grilled Cheese Grill

dessert time
Molten Chocolate Cake and
The Blue Pig Cafe
Mimosa and Breakfast Corndogs
RoadRunner Cafe
crunchy granola breakfast

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