Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Favorite New City - Portland

On a whim, my friend and I went to Portland, Oregon in June.  Actually, that's a lie. She asked how I would feel about living in Portland versus Seattle when I move next year. Do I want to visit Portland and check it out?  I responded with a definite Sure, let's go. And we did.

And I'm SO glad I did.  I think this picture says it all.

And if not, then the honesty this guy is demonstrating in begging for money should speak volumes for the city's laid back mentality.

I fell in love with Portland and all its quirks.  Portland felt like a big city within a small city.  Its a walking/public transportation community with cars.  You could be walking in a residential area and then Bam, there is a food truck pod or some random restaurant or cafe.  I was fascinated by the food truck pods.  The variety of food available was astonishing. Thai, Mexican, grilled cheese, cheese plates, rice bowls, bbq, deli, and on and on. 

isn't this cute?
don't you want to eat here?

Check out The Blue Pig Cafe's version of a Bloody Mary and Mimosa.

Those drinks were HUGE and cheap cheap cheap.  The breakfast corn dogs were pretty fantastic too.  Based on the number of times, I saw corn dogs on menus I'm dubbing Portland as the Corn Dog Capital of the World.  Yet another reason to move here.
(I'm sad to say that upon writing this post The Blue Pig has closed :(  I'm glad I got to experience it)

View from Portland City Grill

Random street scenes

While we were walking around downtown, we discovered the city's nighttime Starlight Parade was happening that night.  Hello. A parade. Ok, we'll watch. 

An adult marching band complete with flag corp? Really!? My dream come true! Another reason to move there.  The city is calling me.

 The author and her travel companion.  Shhh...don't tell her I posted a picture or two of her.
I'm the blonde. The bleach blonde.

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