Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Original Adventure List

Below is the original The Adventure List started by my daughter and I after we dropped my son off for his first year of college in 2009:
  1. Spend $100 at Office Max
  2. Go to Cedar Point on HallowWeekend
  3. Go to Ruby Tuesday (new to us restaurant)
  4. Go-carting
  5. Visit Put-in-Bay
  6. Visit Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells
  7. TGIFriday's mac n cheese
  8. Practice IMing
  9. North Carolina college shopping canceled
  10. Europe tour
  11. Michigan Renaissance Festival
  12. Dessert first
  13. Make spaghetti tacos
1. We had a glorious time spending $100 with abandon at Office Max.  At the time, Megan and I were addicted to office supplies.  We did this on my 40th birthday.  We had so much fun buying whatever we wanted without thinking about the cost: markers, notebooks, folders, pens, etc.

3. Ruby Tuesday's is a chain restaurant but one we had never tried even though it's been in Toledo for a really long time.  Delicious!  We loved our dining experience and went back several times.

5. I managed to make it to age 40 without ever going to Put-in-Bay.  How I managed that I have no idea because Put-in-Bay is a hot spot to go for local Toledoans.  Needless to say, I had a great time with my friend Tori and her boyfriend.

8. IMing hit the list because I knew Megan would be going off to college before I knew it and she hates talking on the phone so IMing would be our best form of communication, at the time. 

12.  You only live once.  Why not have dessert first?  Why had I never done this before?  Megan and I thought it was a great idea so we did this for my 40th birthday dinner at Cousino's Restaurant.  Our waitress thought it was fantastic as well.  At first she was confused.  Then she caught on.

13.  Spaghetti tacos were Megan's idea.  We love spaghetti and tacos so why not combine the two.  While they tasted good and we had fun making them, we did not repeat recipe.

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