Monday, November 4, 2013

World = T minus 10 months

Today is November 1 (date I originally wrote the post).  Today starts my countdown to the next phase of my life.  On August 31, 2014, my Chicago lease ends.  I have 10 months to decide:

 1. Renew lease and stay in Chicago for another year

Pros:       Make great money at work
Allow me to save more
Closer to my kids
Money allows for short US trips

                   Cons:    putting off living by myself for another year
                                Won’t be in a new city for another year
                                Delay in further cutting mothering strings                                   

  1. Find a place of my own in Chicago for another year
                 Pros:          First time live by myself
                  Same as above

Cons:         potential cost
                  Delay same as above

  1. Move to Portland, Oregon
Pros:          first time live by myself
                  New city
                  Moving forward with life goals

Cons:         cost of moving
                  Probably won’t make as much money at new job
                  Finding place to live

  1. Take TEFL course while still in Chicago and move overseas to teach English
Pros:          moving forward with life goals of overseas travel
                  Would give me marketable skill for working while overseas
                  Can do online while I work in Chicago

Cons:         personal doubt: what if I spend the money and can’t get a job overseas?
                  Cost of online class

Knowing my ultimate goal is to travel overseas, I finally started the process of ability: Yesterday, I ordered my birth certificate (which I lost in my Chicago move) so I can order my passport.

November’s Goal: Order passport

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