Monday, December 2, 2013

Operation Leave the Country

This is the name of my master plan of traveling the world.  Not original, I know. But...whatever.  Below is the list of steps I need to complete. (not in order yet) (and not complete)
  1. Take passport photo $12 DONE
  2. Order passport $135 DONE
  3. Apply to Trusted Housesitters
  4. Make appointment with TEFL office DONE
  5. Take TEFL class $1350 TAKING
  6. Move my stuff - sell, take to Toledo, store in Chicago, something DONE
  7. Check visa requirements for first destination
  8. Ask work about transferring
  9. Find a place to live
  10. Save money - amount unknown
  11. Buy plane ticket
  12. Get bank account with low overseas atm fee
  13. Find out if shots are needed
  14. Set up separate email for bills
  15. Learn some Spanish, Italian - helpful
  16. Need decisions on cell phones, computer, e-reader
  17. and on and on
If you have any suggestions or items I should add, please let me know.

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